Threnody (yenniemonster) wrote in hipsterbookclub,

Question for you all

Hey all,

I'm doing a poll of sorts for the HBC: Which celebrities are also great authors & which ones should stick to their day jobs?

Can't wait to read your answers!
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Nick Cave's first book was fantastic.
His second one, not so much.

Oh, I really liked Bunny Munro! :) I mean, it was a lot different to ATASTA, but still, I enjoyed reading it :)
Agreed, 100%
Bob Dylan is a fantastic author.
I couldn't get past the third paragraph of James Franco's short story in GQ (or something) last year. The writing was terrible I thought.
It was Esquire. And stopping at three paragraphs was a good idea; it only got worse from there.
Oh, right. Thanks for correcting me. I don't know why I got the two confused.
Makes sense. Both are men's magazines, and GQ's a better guess than Maxim. :)
As was already mentioned, I loved both Nick Cave's books :) And I thought Hugh Laurie's Gun Seller was pretty awesome too, dark and hilarious all at once :)
Ditto on Gun Seller.
I was pleasantly surprised by Hugh Laurie's Gun Seller, it was pretty hilarious to read.

I'm also pleasantly surprised by Amber Benson's books, I keep reading them going "Tara wrote this?!" heh
I find Hugh Laurie less surprising given that he and Stephen Fry were the key writers for their sketch comedy "Fry & Laurie" low those many moons ago. The show is hilarious.
I like Steve Martin's writing. Is there anything that man can't do well?
shopgirl is so beautiful and delicate. i love that steve martin wrote it. it was like seeing into his soul or something.
I felt the same.
he is an amazing banko player!
banjo even!
Wow! He invented a new instrument too? Will the wonders of Martin never cease ;)
An Object of Beauty was fantastic.
idk if he really counts as a ~celebrity but luke sutherland's (musician behind long fin killie, bows and music am) book venus as a boy was excellent
i think i remember reading a preface viggo mortensen wrote for one of the non-required reading installments, and being fairly impressed with his ability. but i also love everything about him, so that might have clouded my judgment somewhat.
While I haven't actually read them, I hear Carrie Fisher's books are good and funny from a lot of people whose judgements in books I trust.
Stephen Fry is great, haha.

Katie Price needs to just give up.

Deleted comment

Well, he was a chef first, and then he became an author. But I wouldn't say he was a celebrity while he was a chef, so I guess he was an author first, then a celebrity.
I remember being pleasantly surprised at Ethan Hawke's writing ability. Though I admit it's been so long I can't even remember for sure what book it actually was. Ash Wednesday, I think.