Threnody (yenniemonster) wrote in hipsterbookclub,

HBC update/Donate to Doctors Without Borders & WIN

Hey all,

Today's HBC update features reviews of the latest books by Nicholson Baker, Alex Shakar, Yannick Murphy, Jim Knipfel, Elissa Shappell, and others.

More importantly, though, we're running a charity drive for Doctors Without Borders. Donate and you can win FORTHCOMING (yes, as in not yet released) books by Jeffrey Eugenides, Neal Stephenson, Ben Marcus Colson Whitehead, Cecil Castellucci, and Sara Zarr. You can also win the chance to be tuckerized (that is, become the namesake of characters) in the future books of Amanda Eyre Ward, Paul Tremblay, and Jean Kwok. There are also tons of prizes from Aimee Bender, Steve Almond, Katie Arnoldi, Matt Bell, Elizabeth Crane, Charles Bock, and plenty others.

For updates on the charity drive, check us out on Facebook or Twitter.

Thanks, all!
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