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books lately.

howdy all. just wanted to post on some of the books i've been reading recently:

david rakoff's don't get too comfortable: i had read fraud way back when and found it hilarious (i'm a huge fan of the humor essay), so i was excited to pick up this one. it ended up providing me with an additional level of enjoyment in that most of the pieces were forms of "immersion journalism." i mean, not in the deadly serious style of ted conover's newjack. but still. as a writer, it's a style i find fascinating, and rakoff pulls it off well, skillfully merging immersion-style and hilarity.

tom robbins's wild ducks flying backwards: i had gotten into robbins after reading fierce invalids home from hot climates, and also thoroughly enjoyed skinny legs and all. my enjoyment of his work depleted after that, ending in complete disappointment with villa incognito, yet i couldn't stop myself from picking up his latest. it's a mishmash of older published pieces, short unpublished poetry and fiction, etc. while his powers of description often take my breath away (i fell in love with his pieces on the wilds of africa), there were often moments when i thought to myself, heck! that doesn't mean anything at all! he's just stringing nonsense together! as i traveled farther into the book, i found it a struggle to keep reading, finally determining that my current prof is correct...after you make it big as part of the literati, you can publish anything you damn well please, horseshit or not.

finally, i'm in the midst of reading david a. karp's is it me or my meds?, a trade-y sort of mental health book published by a university press. a book on patients' struggles with the decision to take psychotropic medications due to conflicts with sense of identity, it's thus far proven to be a quick read, though it doesn't provide answers so much as it provides empathy and the sense that what one is going through with meds is actually the norm.
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