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The Hipster Book Club

We got books, they got baseball bats

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Be sure to check out our website at HipsterBookClub.com. This shit's so hot, your plumber needs to wear oven mitts.

Or add us on that foulest of websites: myspace

This little community is entitled the "Hipster Book Club". The name and purpose were blantantly stolen in a definitely unashamed manner. Hipster is, of course, used in the most ironic sense of the word. Basically, this community is for people to discuss books they've read, so that others may get recommendations and a heads up on interesting new pieces of literature. All forms of literature are welcome. Fiction, non-fiction, how-to, picture books, codixes, scrolls, stuff you wrote on your wrist to remember, etc. Feel free to debate other member's opinions, just don't be a dick.

The main idea was to have a place to post book reviews and ask questions. We would like to see more book reviews, but, it seems like it's gotten much bigger than that.

While we are excited that you're a new member, it isn't necessary for every new person to post a little intro to themselves. We're glad you're here, and we look forward to reading any reviews you write, or try and answer any questions you have. If you WANT to post an introduction, by all means, but certainly don't feel obligated. Also, wipe your damn feet. Were you raised in a barn for Christ's sake?

Membership is open to all. Unlike SOME LJ communities, everyone is welcome. We will be subversive by being unequivocally egalitarian.

It'll be like Fight Club...but...you know...with books.

Note: Please keep use of the word "pretentious" to an absolute minimum.

Check out our Frappr!

The HBC Librarything.com group

The HBC Last.FM Community: Because what better thing for a book community to have than a music chart aggregate?

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Some other helpful/helping links links:
-Better World Books
-Bridge to Asia
-Room to Read
-Project Gutenberg Free eBook Library
-Books for Africa
-Operation Paperback
-Prison Book Program
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